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Here are some white papers and publications written by Kathy Molloy and colleagues. More resources like these, on various topics related to organization design, globalization, and leader development will be added over time.

Getting Results Through Organization Design
A critical success factor for organizations today is the ability to adapt their structures, systems and processes to capture new markets and expand existing ones. A critical determinant of strategic competitive advantage is organization design. This paper demonstrates the strategic importance of organization design for business leaders; the impact effective design has on the bottom-line; and tips on how to design organizations for flexibility. This white paper provides:

- some key warning signs that indicate when an organization redesign is required

- tips for seniors, leaders and executives for leading that redesign

- guidance for determining which business design is right for your company.

How The Learning Organization Manages Change
Organization change happens differently in businesses focused on learning. Change is more systemic and experience from change efforts is sustained and mined for the purposes of ongoing improvement. This article illustrates that effective change can come from anywhere in the organization, but leaders determine whether learning from that change process is incorporated into day-to-day work.

E-mail Makes Everything More Efficient...Unfortunately!
E-mail is the primary way most organizations do business today. Globalization requires communication across time zones and geography, and E-mail appears to be the most timely and cost-effective way to go. However, E-Mail relies solely on the written word, while the majority of communication occurs through voice inflection and non-verbal cues. This article describes how E-Mails' efficiency can interfere with its effectiveness, particularly when communicating across borders.

'"Protocols"' Make E-mail More Effective...Fortunately!
This follow-up article to the one above provides some solutions for business people trying the make the most of E-mail. In working with virtual organizations particularly global organizations we have found that having a set of guidelines for using E-mail dramatically increases its effectiveness in the absence of frequent face-to-face communication. However, those guidelines need to be carefully designed and embraced by the group using them, to ensure that specific communication differences are understood, and needs met, for that group.

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