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Most businesses today face serious challenges implementing their strategy.  Businesses can easily get off track in this turbulent market place. As a result, they frequently do not achieve their potential in their markets. When there is poor alignment among people, culture, structure, leadership and business strategy, businesses can't perform at their best.  We work with you to close the gap between strategy and sustainable results.

We use customized approaches to gauge and grow your organization's performance capability at all levels of your business: the enterprise, the business unit, the team/department, and the individual leader / associate.

  •  In-depth analysis of your organization in its market context. We address questions such as: what strategic issues are facing your business? Does your culture help or hinder organizational success?  Do you have the capability you need to implement strategy?
  • Assessment of your organization's structure, systems, culture and leadership in the context of your business strategy. 
  • Coaching leaders, in a holistic way, to achieve their potential as they transition into new roles, new cultures, and new industries.
  • Design of organizational architecture (structure, process, information flows, and people systems) to support strategy and desired culture. 
  • Facilitate shifts in organizational culture, enabling desired changes in behavior and performance, helping to ensure lasting change.
  • Helping leadership teams to work together across cultures, geography and professional mindsets to govern more effectively, and create the work environments, local cultures and performance needed to implement strategy.
  • Design and lead workshops and programs in critical areas of strategy and leadership, including Designing for Agility, HR Consulting Skills, Developing Global Virtual Teams, and others on request. 
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