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Testimonials from Coaching Clients
"Working with Kathy Molloy has made a difference in my professional life: It has made me a more effective leader in the organization.  I have received positive feedback on my growth as a leader from many people in my direct working environment, as well as my peers and senior management.  All see a more considerate, balanced, and constructive leader, with a high level of commitment and energy to get the right things done in the right way.  Kathy has provided challenge, focus, and increased my understanding of human interactions.  She has provided the 'smack' as well as the support I needed."
Geert Kolvenbag, VP of Global Products, Oncology, AstraZeneca

In a Special Issue of PharmaVoice, " 100 Most Inspiring People," August 2008, Dr. Geert Kolvenbag described Kathy as
"one of the most significant influences in my career."

Through the coaching offered by Kathy Molloy, I further developed my skills, style, and approach to better lead my organization, harness the true cultural power of the group, and provide best-in-class deliverables."

Suzanne K. Brown, VP, Merck

"I had the opportunity to work with Kathy Molloy as a business coach with the objective of developing more effective global business communications.  As a new global team lead, the work with Kathy allowed me to become effective within my leadership team and more influential overall.  I have been able to apply the principles across projects and roles successfully, making this opportunity one of the most valuable in my professional development."
Sunita Sheth, M.D., VP Wyeth Pharmaceutical

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